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The library has been designed so that a minimum set of requirements are needed. This at present includes:

  • Linux (glibc 2.2, kernel 2.4.x tested, but should work on all)
  • XFree86 (v 4.x.x tested, but should work on 3.x)
  • OpenGL

I feel that these requirements are hardly beyond the specs of any linux distribution (at least one which is liable to run 3D applications any way).

Hardware accellerated 3D is not required, but in order to get decent performance it's probably a good idea. The library has been so far developed on NVIDIA GLX systems and needs to be tested on other hardware. If you've used the library on other systems, please let me know and I can include it in this list.

Other Platforms
I am only developing libL3D on a linux machine, but for all I know it might compile with no problems on BSD or BeOS or other UN*X systems -- Maybe even Window$? If you get it running on other platforms, let me know, so I can keep people informed with correct information.

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